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Budget Solutions with hourly block purchases?

Administration Service Agreements so we make sure there are no errors on back up or updates that fail to run.

Trained support staff on call
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KOSI consultants are focused on the success of your business. Striving to provide maximum value on each consulting engagement, we start by understanding your vision, business goals and objectives. KOSI believes that business drives technology and not the other way around. Many business problems can be solved by creative thinking, and not simply new technology expenditures.

  • Project management
  • IT assessment and strategic planning
  • Strategic facilitation


KOSI can help solve business problems in a timely and cost-effective manner. We can increase your productivity and competitiveness, utilizing technology only where appropriate. With a solid foundation, we help you to identify a set of deliverables that will meet your specific business objectives.

If technology can help solve a business problem, KOSI can assist in either a "buy" or "build" decision, along with services to ensure the success of either decision. KOSI has significant experience in commercial software implementation, both simple and complex. Using their skills, mature processes and experience, our consultants can ensure the success of any new development project or the customization of an existing solution.

At the end of any consulting engagement, KOSI measures our success based on the success of our client's initiatives. Our track record of successful projects is one we are proud of and eager to share. Many of our new consulting engagements are based on honest and sincere references from our current clients, a trend we plan to continue with each new client.

Meeting the technology challenges head on - for you!